Dog Tags Customized

Dog tags got their start with use in the military. Soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines use these tags, which are small metal tags worn on the end of a chain, for identification purposes. For the military these tags have little more than the serviceman's name, blood type and religious preference. However these types of tags have gained popularity as fashion statements, and dog tags customized to an individual's specifications have been widely popular. Celebrities like Snoop Dog and Howie Mandel have been seen wearing customized dog tags. We specialize in the dog tag customized. And we have numerous options for dog tags. And dog tags can be customized to reflect just about anything.

Your NFL or college football fans can have a customized dog tag with their favorite team's logo or specific slogan printed or engraved on the tag. NASCAR fans can get their favorite driver's number and even a photo of their car or face placed on a tag. Do you have a favorite rock band? You can get the customized dog tag with the band's logo made. Kiss, AC/DC, Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Green Day customized dog tag are already popular. Favorite cartoon characters and comic book characters can also be placed onto customized dog tag. The possibilities are limitless.

Customized dog tags make great gifts and people of all ages enjoy them. They're great for marketing purposes and they work well when using them as fundraisers. Actor Michael J. Fox uses them to raise money for Parkinson's disease research.

We offer a number of options when it comes to customized dog tag. You can get anodized dog tags, which uses a dyed metal. They're strong and durable, and they're resistant to rust and moisture. These tags are ideal for use as medic alert tags to place medical information. You can get full color, which is full color printing on the tags. We also offer photo etched dog tags customized, which etches a surface where the colors are then added. And we offer silicone dog tags customized which come in a variety of colors and can be embossed, debossed and silk screened. Call 877-503-0253 or click the free quote link to get started.

Customized Dog Tag